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Reviews of our shows


"Aché Brasil re-created the party atmosphere of "carnaval" in Bahia with a mix of acrobatic capoeira and butt-shaking sambas. The costumes were dazzlingly colourful..." The Georgia Straight (International Jazz Festival notes), Alex Varty, Tony Montague,
Ken Eisner and Jennifer Van Evra

“Describing Capoeira as a fusion of kickboxing, breakdancing, and samba would give you no idea of its grace or of its power. With lashing kicks, spins and continuous rolling cartweels, the dance involves the body’s spinning a carapace of movement around itself, or enclosing itself in a blur of vector lines.” -The Vancouver Sun, Lloyd Dyck

“The tent reverberated to the boom of the drums and the temperature soared. The energy of the band never slowed for the whole hour of their performance…Aché Brasil proved to be a super band.” The Yukon News, Al Pope

“Thank you for making this year’s West Coast Music Awards a huge success. Aché Brasil’s performance was spectacular – the highlights of the evening!” Moira Rodger, Executive Producer – West Coast Music Awards

“Your warmth and enthusiastic rapport with the audience, combined with your infectious rhythms and dazzling dance created and evening of unsurpassed enjoyment!” Francis Xavier, Artistic Director –Mission Folk Music Festival

“In fact, the star of Blade (Wesley Snipes) was so keen for the music that his voice could be heard when a segment on Aché Brasil’s performance aired on VTV’s evening newscast. -The Vancouver Sun, Kerry Gold

"Aché Brasil portrays many of the influences of the Brazilian culture with a brilliant explosion of talent and excitement designed to capture the imagination and attention of the whole family." -Rocky Mountain Weekender, Deb Saffin

"Brazilian acrobat Eclilson De Jesus took his body-space perception to the limit, twirling spears and kicking his feet within inches of front-row viewers, physically portraying how enslaved people used to practice martial arts in the fields, unbeknownst to their masters."- The Georgia Straight, Kevin Dunn

"Capoeira is a spectacular Afro-Brazilian dance form, derived from martial arts, that combines the power of kickboxing with the energy of break dancing and the grace of gymnastics." The Georgia Straight, Tony Montague

“We continue to hear comments from audience members about your performances, as well as your unique dances. Your diverse music combined with your dynamic stage show kept the audience’s attention, and got them dancing in a way no other group at this year’s festival was able to do.” T. Dawodu, Artistic Director,Calgary’s African Festival

"Aché Brasil awed parents and children at the Frostbite Festival Sunday with their Afro-Brazilian music and dance...(they) introduced Yukoners to "capoeira" dancing, a combination of dance and acroR3batics." The Whitehorse STAR (Frostbite Festival notes)


“Vancouver-based Aché Brasil opened its production before a packed house in Toronto and the engaging seven-member troupe had the kiddie set eating out of its hands… High kung fu-type kicks and fierce lunges are interspersed with hand and head stands of amazing endurance.” The Globe and Mail, Paula CitronR5

"Aché Brasil awed parents and children at the Frostbite Festival Sunday with their Afro-Brazilian music and dance...(they) introduced Yukoners to "capoeira" dancing, a combination of dance and acrobatics." The Whitehorse STAR (Frostbite Festival notes)

“With lashing kicks, spins and continuous rolling cartwheels, capoeira involves the body's spinning a carapace of movement around itself, or enclosing itself in a blur of vector lines." The Vancouver Sun, Lloyd Dyck


"The performance yesterday was absolutely outstanding! All of our staff and students LOVED the show and raved about how much they enjoyed the music, storytelling, singing, dancing, acrobatics and funny antics of the performers. The students were highly engaged throughout the show and simply didn't want it to end.

The performers were so wonderful interacting with the students, involving them in the performance with the dancing, and making them laugh with all their funny and playful actions. We all appreciated learning about the Brazilian culture and language, as well as being introduced to a variety of new instruments. Yesterday's performance will surely be a treasured and memorable event for our school, and added great energy to our very special Read In celebration.

When trying to choose which performance group we might have come for our entertainment this year, I suggested Ache Brasil upon the recommendation of my 18 year old son who fondly remembered how much he was "wowed" by the group when they came to his elementary school many years ago.

The show was everything we had hoped it would be and more! Many thanks again to you and the performers for everything. We won't hesitate to recommend Ache Brasil to other schools, and will pass along the news of our great satisfaction to our parent organizations, ACSI and FISA." Charlotte Sakaki, Vice Principal, Grade 4 Teacher - Cornerstone Christian Academy

"We were enthralled - spell bound - 'amazing!' An excellent presentation for all grades and all ages."

Victoria Jones (Teacher) -Surrey Centre Elementary School

"BRAVO! EXCELLENT! FANTASTIC! Staff and students alike were still talking about Aché Brasil the next day... the energy... acrobatics... and how they involved all of us in their performance was incredible!"

K. Heuchert -M. J. Norris Elementary School

"Entertaining, vibrant, agile, captivating. Children continued asking questions during recess while the group was packing up. My class, the staff, the parents and the whole school population thoroughly enjoyed the performance! I highly recommend this group to other schools." -Anicia Jalac Miles (Fine ArtsTeacher) - Royal Heights Elementary School.

"An EXTRAORDINARY AND TALENTED group – excellent in every respect! Students were delighted and participated very well!”
Gloria Gietz, Ecole Robb Road ElementaryR8

"This is a HIGH-ENERGY troupe that delivers a taste of the music and dance of Brazil in a way that really gets the students into the rhythm. Simply wonderful!" Laureen Schellenberg/Scott Simpson - W. F. Davidson Elementary School

"Aché Brasil was a fantastic performance. I have been teaching for many years and it is the best performance I have ever seen. When I asked the students how they felt about it, they said they loved it!" Leon Williams (Teacher)

- Walter Moberly Elementary School


"I didn't like your performance instead I loved it. Also just to let you know you guys are the best performers that we have ever had at Heath. One thing I liked was all those flips so fast and the costumes." By Jonathan Lalbeharry - Heath Elementary

"How did you clap your feet to the rhythm? I like how you waked on your hands. I like your colourful costumes. I wish you could come back."By Jessica - Cumberland Elementary School

"Your performance was so marvelous that we have never seen before especially your traditional dance. We can also learn about the Brazil's culture from your dance and clothes." By Louisa Ip - Queen Mary Elementary School.

"I enjoyed every part especially when we imagined to go to Brazil and sawBottom Footer at the end two colouful Indians. Also I liked the way you move." By Judy Tokida - Queen Mary Elementary

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