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Overcoming Modern Challenges

One Capoeira

Move at a Time

Are you a busy parent juggling work, family, and personal time? Or an adult searching for an exciting way to stay fit and active?

Life throws many challenges our way, but at Capoeira Aché Brasil, we believe the answer lies in the mesmerizing world of Capoeira.

Discover how this ancient Brazilian martial art can help you reclaim your vitality, boost your energy, and achieve an authentic work-life balance.

The Struggles of Modern Life

Life's daily struggles can take a toll on your


For parents, it might be the constant juggle of work and family responsibilities, leaving you with little time for yourself.

Adults, on the other hand, often feel the brunt of a sedentary lifestyle, yearning for an active, invigorating escape. At our Capoeira Academy, we understand the emotional and physical discomforts you're experiencing.

The stress, lack of vitality, and longing for an exciting path to fitness - it's time to break free from these constraints and embrace a new beginning. Discover how Capoeira can help you overcome these pains and experience a transformation that's more than skin deep.

Your New Home

Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy

At Capoeira Aché Brasil, we don't just teach Capoeira; we cultivate strength, confidence, and a vibrant sense of community. Our world-class instructors guide you through an exciting journey of self-discovery while ensuring you enjoy every step of it.

Unleash your inner potential, connect with an inspiring community, and experience the rich traditions of Brazil right here in 341 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1W5, Canada


Discover How We

Can Help You

Capoeira Classes for Kids:

Our engaging kids' classes provide a unique mix of fun and learning, ensuring a holistic development for your child. Through the art of Capoeira, children not only learn the fundamentals of martial arts but also explore the realms of gymnastics, music, and acrobatics.

This not only cultivates physical strength and confidence but also instills discipline in a playful and enjoyable environment.

Capoeira Classes for Adults:

Discover the joy of movement and the power of self-expression with our Capoeira Classes for Adults. Embrace a unique fusion of martial arts, dance, and music, designed to enhance your strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Join a supportive community where positive energy flows, and experience the transformative benefits of Capoeira. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner, our classes cater to all levels

Entertainment and Shows:

Make your event unforgettable with our captivating Brazilian Music, Dance & Capoeira performances. We bring the spirit of Brazil to your stage, filling the air with excitement and wonder.

A Legacy of Capoeira Excellence

Meet Our Founder,

Mestre Eclilson De Jesus

The visionary who introduced the captivating world of Capoeira to Canada. With decades of unwavering commitment, we've become a beacon of excellence in capoeira instruction, shaping the journeys of countless students, both young and old.

Mestre Eclison, has left an indelible mark on the global capoeira community. His passion for this Brazilian art form has transcended borders, and his teachings have resonated with enthusiasts worldwide.

At Capoeira Aché Brasil, we're more than an institution; we're a legacy. Our dedication to instilling positive values, promoting fitness, and nurturing self-expression has made us a trusted cornerstone in the community.

What Our Clients Are saying About Us

Messages left on our Google reviews and our Wellnessliving Application

Mestre Eclilson De Jesus, his instructor’s and the overall vibe here create an incredible experience. I bring my children here and they have the time of their lives. Mestre really brings a positive energy which is contagious. My children have learned music and songs in another language, and have a sense of community that they really look forward to every week. It’s taught them coordination concentration, and even how to listen to their teachers in class which in turn I’ve seen work better at home for us.

Highly recommend anyone !

Erai Beckmann

Having trained now at Capoeira Ache Brasil for 7 years I am exceedingly grateful for the high level Capoeira Martial Arts training as well as the strong sense of community and support within the academy. Highly recommended!

Marieve Allard

My 5 year old son did capoeira at Ache Brasil for 6 months and loved every single minute of it. The classes had a great sense of community and engagement. Professor Aranha was absolutely amazing with the kids and guiding them to improve each class.

I loved seeing my son develop his body movements with acrobatic techniques while being exposed to new music instruments and dances. Highly recommend them!

Lucas S.

I have been coming here with my kids for just over a month and we love it. My kids do a class and then I do a beginners class right afterwards. There’s a great sense of encouragement and community here. The kids adore it and get a great workout. Dad gets a great workout too. Everyone has a blast.

Ryan Taylor

Wonderful community and exceptional teachers. Booked classes for my daughter and got hooked myself! Also, I love that if we miss our normal class on Thursdays we can just come to a weekend class instead - I've never had this sort of flexibility with classes before and it is wonderful for busy schedules!

Norita Dobyns

My son said he "had so much fun" and really enjoyed Mosqueteiro instruction. He's excited to come back and said this time around hopes to keep coming for years until he can do backflips.

Elijah S.

Thoroughly enjoyed my first two Basics/Intro classes with Mosqueteiro. He brings an excellent balance of information, support, challenge, humour and fun to each class. And he only has positive and constructive feedback. Highly recommend, and I can't wait until my next class!

James R.

My first capoeira class was so much fun! The instructor (Ninja) taught me the ginga movements for a complete beginner. Plus, the atmosphere was amazing and encouraging. After one class, you will want to go back!!

Niki L.

This is my third class in this academy and it’s one of the best places and best people. Everyone is excited to help each other with movements and knowledge. I’m thankful that I joined this beautiful academy

Faisal A.

Cannot speak more highly of this academy. I have been going here for over a month now and thoroughly enjoy each class. This is an academy so not only do they teach you of the art of capoeria but also you get some history and more!

Denis C.

Best place to learn Martial Arts, Music and Culture. This place is well run by the great teachers and the management is absolutely awesome especially, Christianne who is friendly and supportive.

Ryan Reddy

Thank you guys for all your love and energy and, most of all, for your dedication to this sport. You've created a real Brazilian community in the heart of Vancouver.

Anthony McRae

Wonderful instructors and nice people. If you need a place to take your children or yourself (I practiced a few classes), this academy is a must. We are going to miss this place. Thanks Mestre Eclilson de Jesus and all the people at Capoeira Ache Brasil. Muito obrigado.

Miguel Uyaguari

I had my first Capoeira class today at Ache Brasil Academy and already booked my next one :). Yes, I'm coming back for sure. Capoeira is something I have been wanting to try for years now but never did the first move and now I just wonder why have I not done it sooner. .Atmosphere is very welcoming and other class participants too. If you are even thinking about Capoeira, stop thinking , just go for it. I'm 45 and in good physical condition but the class is tailored that way that is friendly to all age(well 13+), shape and sizes. Can't wait for the next Sunday! Ache!

Tamara C.

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