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“BATIZADO” in Portuguese directly translates into the word, “baptism.” This is an annual event where new students of Capoeira are initiated into the group and become capoeiristas receiving their “Capoeira name.” During the Batizado, “troca de corda” (changing of belts) also occurs where students who have demonstrated dedication and progress in Capoeira can advance to the next level.

Batizado is a celebration where Mestres (masters) and students get to fraternize. Full with energy and emotions, this gathering gives place to an extraordinary exchange of information. It also allows the students to come in contact with the cultural aspect of capoeira.

This ceremony marks the evolution of a capoeirista, via their passage through the various cord colours. When a student is baptized in capoeira, he or she normally receives a "nome de guerra" (name of war), an "apelido" (nickname) based on a personal characteristic. This name especially chosen by the mestre in order to reflect his or her reality in the world of capoeira.

In our capoeira group, the Batizado is held over the course of 3 days or more. Capoeira Masters and Teachers from different parts of the world are invited to give workshops encompassing both the sport and culture of Capoeira. There are a variety of rituals associated with the Batizado which are common to all groups. Sunday is the actual Batizado Graduation, where students perform and the Batizado Graduation begins.

Unlike other forms of martial arts, there is no universal belt system or internationally accepted standard to determine “levels” in Capoeira. Each group has its own system of ranking students according to its own standards. Since Capoeira incorporates many different elements of training, the knowledge of movements, music, instruments, attendance, language and even the Capoeira history and philosophy are all taken into consideration when determining belt levels.

During most Batizados, Capoeira Masters and students from other groups assemble to practice Capoeira and play in the roda. Batizado is more than simply assessing the level of students, it helps Capoeira evolve. By bringing together Capoeira Masters and teachers from other groups, new techniques and philosophies are exchanged and students benefit from the opportunity to learn from visiting Masters and instructors. Songs and music are also exchanged and the art of Capoeira is advanced.

Other rituals are unique to each group or region of Brazil where the group originates.

Even if you are a new student or not plG-2anning on taking your next belt this year, you are encouraged to take workshops and attend the Batizado Celebration. It is a very rewarding experience for everyone involved and is an important part of growing in Capoeira.

Our group holds its annual Capoeira graduation "Batizado" on the Labour Day weekend. We recommend that you reserve this weekend for this very important Capoeira event where you will upgrade your level or if this is your first "Batizado" you will receive your first belt and your capoeira nick-name.

All students must have full (clean) uniform to participate.

There is a fee for the Batizado. Please inquire within.

Display of belts by colors

The graduation system was introduced into capoeira by Mestre Bimba, with scarves (a homage to former capoeiristas who wore silk scarves around their neck thus believing to be protected from the cut of razor blades). Even though the scarves were not used by the students, each student kept it after receiving one. Nowadays, the graduation system may vary from one group to another.

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