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Our Code of conduct

For Students, Teachers, and Staff

Message from Mestre Eclilson !

Our Code of conduct:

Bem-vindo a Capoeira Aché Brasil! For physical and emotional safety of everyone in our spaces, each student, teacher, and staff member in Capoeira Ache Brasil academies in Canada commit to:

Respect: Treat each person with dignity and respect at all times, taking accountability for one’s actions. Respect the Mestre, the capoeira instructors, fellow capoeira students, and the capoeira group.

Safety: Prioritize physical, emotional, and social safety, avoiding injury or other physical harm to ourselves and others while training.

Advocacy: Advocate and support anyone who needs assistance by communicating to the Mestre or other senior teachers any disrespectful behaviors experienced or observed.

Ache: Create a positive environment by projecting positive energy, encouragement, and gratitude to everyone. Teachers should offer generous feedback to students with encouragement and pure intent, avoiding comments which appear to judge or criticize.

Inclusion: At Ache Brasil, everyone is valued equally. Discriminatory behaviour is unacceptable, defined as but not limited to racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, ableist, and abusive behavior or language.

Accountability: Take responsibility for one’s own actions and learn from mistakes. Exercise self control to create a mutually beneficial environment. The practice of capoeira promotes physical and emotional growth and resiliency but excessive and targeted aggression is neither appropriate nor acceptable.

Boundaries: Respect each person’s physical and emotional boundaries. By attending classes and rodas, a student or capoeirista is granting consent for physical contact for training or playing capoeira. Physical contact in other contexts, such as friendly, romantic, or other social touching including hugs must only be done with expressed consent. Each person has their own boundaries, and students and teachers must also verbally express when someone crosses a personal boundary.

Tradition: Honor, preserve, and advance the traditions of capoeira’s history with awareness, integrity, and respect, including understanding and practicing the etiquette of capoeira.

Abada: Wear Aché Brasil uniform (pants and shirts) whenever training, playing, or teaching capoeira in a formal setting, including classes, workshops, and rodas at the academy, any events, or academies of other groups as well as organized capoeira demonstrations in public places or at public events. Note: An exemption is granted for beginner (“Intro”) students or with Mestre’s permission.

Visiting: Seek the permission and advice of the Mestre whenever considering a visit to practice or play capoeira at the academy or event of another group.

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